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Maysix Consulting

Behind every great project, there is a great customer. You.

Project Management Solutions

Great project management can transform an organisation, and it doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult (or boring) to deliver amazing results for your business. Discover how you can build solid project management capability for your organisation and deliver projects that deliver value back to you.

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IT Advisory Services

Information Technology should make our working life easier, yet the reality often feels like it’s the exact opposite. If you think it’s time to change the state of your IT, read on and find out how Maysix Consulting can help you transform your information management from painful to rewarding and put technology (finally) at your service.

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Project Management Blog

I love projects; the constant challenge of taking something new on and the unlimited opportunities to learn. In this blog, I share my insights and inspirations about what I think makes great projects: simplicity at the core, clarity of approach, and, of course, great people.

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